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Discover the 10 deadly sins in a failing relationship

Dundas social worker’s book aims to rescue your marriage

By Debra Downey, Senior Editor 

Friday, September, 21, 2012

Gary Direnfeld readily admits his head is filled with stuff…stuff that may save your marriage, help you parent a teenager or flee an abusive situation

This summer, some of that “stuff” came pouring out of Direnfeld’s brain and onto the pages of his second book, Marriage Rescue, Overcoming Ten Deadly Sins in Failing Relationships.

Direnfeld, a Dundas resident, said throughout his 30-year career as a social worker, he has recognized regular themes of a marriage in turmoil. In Marriage Rescue, he takes case examples of the most common issues and discusses the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for their own contribution to the stress in a relationship.

“It was a huge project,” Direnfeld said of the book. “But I enjoy writing and my head is filled with stuff that I want to share with people. Through all my articles and appearances on television, it gives me avenues to reach more people with helpful information.”

Direnfeld is one of North America’s leading marriage experts and is often sought out as a guest advisor on television and radio, and in newspapers and magazines. He has also spoken at workshops and conferences on marriage and family, and was the host of the syndicated television show Newlywed, Nearly Dead?

While readers will have to pre-order Marriage Rescue through Amazon.com, or purchase it in April 2013, here is a brief preview of some of the 10 deadly sins that may have made a marriage less than idyllic.

• Money. Whose is it and how should it be spent?
• Putting friends before spouses, be it manicures and  

  pedicures, or a beer after work;
•Not sharing chores, like the often in dispute toilet cleaning 

• Drugs and alchol;
• Affairs.

Unlike three decades ago when he started his career, Direnfeld said the primary source of infidelity in 2012 involves social media.

“These days, the slippery slope to affairs is typically started with a Facebook page or other social media,” said Direnfeld. “People flirt through social media and get caught up with it. They have never met, so there is no sex, but is it cheating?”

Through his book, Direnfeld hopes to help couples overcome the deadly sins of a failing relationship and lead them to the relationship of their dreams.

He said the primary goal is to get people talking, unravelling their problems and gaining insight into their own behaviours.


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